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Special Steel

The Special Steel products are manufactured as per International Quality Standards like American (SAE/AISI), German (DIN), Japanese (JIS), British (EN) and Indian (BIS) specifications. The products include:

Bars, RCS & Flats

Image The Mill produces different sizes of Steel Bars, with size ranging from 20 mm to 63 mm. These products are used in Automobile, Bright Bars, Forging, Machining, Fastners, Vibration Mounts and other Engineering applications.

Wire Rods

Image The High Speed Wire Rod Block Mill produces high quality Wire Rods with high dimensional accuracy, excellent surface quality and size ranging from 5.5 mm to 20 mm. The Alloy and Special Steel Wire Rods cater mainly to the Automobile, Fasteners, Springs, Bearings, Wire Ropes, Welding, Cold Drawing, Cold Forming, Heat Treatment and General Engineering Sectors.

Billets & Blooms

Image The SMS utilizes a charge mix of Hot Metal and Sponge Iron from our Blast Furnace and DRI Plant to produce Billet/Blooms with size range from 160X160 mm to 320x400 mm Rectangle, 160 mm to 310 mm (dia) Rounds. The Products are used in Forging, Seamless Tube, Bearing Rings and Flanges.