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Image The highly advanced Chinese Technology with Stamp Charging facility is best suited for getting uniform granulometry in the Coke with consistent physical and thermal properties in the finished product, which is extremely important for the end consumers for better operation of their Blast Furnaces, Submerged Arc Furnaces and Foundries.

We offer quality Coke to all our customers. For Blast Furnace customers, we provide superior quality Coke, which promotes stable Blast Furnace operation. The Coke produced is of consistent quality, having better CSR and CRI characteristics. Low percentage of undersize compared to imported Coke improves the cost economics with better Gross Coke Rate achieved in the Blast Furnace.

For Foundries, the high calorific value of our Coke allows higher temperature and better Carbon pick up, resulting in high quality castings. Our better granulometry results in lower generation of Fines in Nut Coke for Ferro Alloy industry and the Coke Breeze is best suited for Sintering Iron Ore Fines prior to use in Blast Furnaces.