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HR Philosophy

The success of VISA Steel is due to the performance of its people. We focus on our human capital by keeping our employees highly motivated with a sense of ownership and belongingness. VISA Steel strives to attract the best talent and develops them for a long and mutually rewarding relationship.

The spirit of excellence drives all VISA Steel employees, who relish the thrill of challenging work assignments. VISA Steel offers a dynamic working environment, with merit-based growth and attractive remuneration. With a culture focused on continuous learning and development, on-the-job training is supplemented with appropriate need-based and value-added training programmes to foster growth. Management practices are designed to encourage transparency, develop employees to their potential and maximise their productivity. VISA Steel is committed to equal employment opportunities for attracting the best available talent, ensuring a cosmopolitan workforce and enriching the quality of life of its employees.

HR Policies
Our Human Resource Strategy evolves around three critical elements - Recruitment, Training & Development and Retention.
Recruitment: VISA Steel has a recruitment policy focused on recruiting the right quality, at the right time, for the right position. Recruitment is done at all levels depending upon the requirement and vacancy, which is approved by the Managing Director. We recruit Management Trainees, Graduate Engineer Trainees and Diploma Engineer Trainees through campus interviews at engineering and management schools across India. Mid-career recruitment is done through advertisement, consultants and also through direct applications and contacts. The persons recruited can be appointed at any of our locations across Corporate Office or Registered Office or Plants depending upon the requirement of the organisation and the aptitude of the concerned individual. Employees can be transferred from one location to another within VISA Steel and also from one company to another company of the VISA Group depending on exigency of work and business need.

Training & Development: Training & Development of employees is of immense importance; hence we give prime focus to this important aspect of Human Resource Development. Training to employees is given on a need-based basis, which may be according to the need of the individual and / or the need of the organisation. Training Need Assessment is also done at the time of appraisal. We have a system of in-house training where internal trainers impart training to the employees at regular intervals. For external trainings, employees are either sent for outside programmes or external faculties are invited to conduct training programmes at the Company premises. Both types of training programmes are useful in development of our employees.