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Bar & Wire Rods


500,000 TPA Bar & Wire Rod Mill is state of art technology super flexible mill supplied by SMS-Meer and is having the capacity to produce different sizes of Bars (20 mm to 63 mm dia.), Wire Rods (5.5 mm to 20 mm dia.), Angles and Flats.


Most of the billets produced from the SMS are rolled in a Bar & Wire Rod Mill to produce different sizes of Bars, Wire Rods, Angles and Flats. Any surplus billets are sold to other Rolling Mill Plants.


Billets & Blooms


500,000 TPA Steel Melting Shop (SMS) is equipped with a 70 MT EAF, LRF, VD, and a Continuous Caster (CCM), with provision for AOD as well for production of Stainless Steel. The shop can produce alloy & special steel with a state-of-the art technology & equipment supplier by SMS Siemag, Siemens VAI and Concast (India).


The SMS utilises a charge mix of hot metal and Sponge Iron, which are produced in-house.


The Alloy & Special Steels produced out of the SMS & Rolling Mill shall cater mainly to the Automobile, Infrastructure, Railways, Defence sectors etc.


Pig Iron


VISA Steel has established a 250 cubic meter Blast Furnace with a capacity to produce 225,000 TPA Pig Iron in 2005. The Company commissioned the Blast Furnace within a record time of 11 months as a Greenfiled Project. The Blast Furnace, with state-of-the-art technology from SMS Demag/TRF, has turbo blowers and hot blast stoves which ensure a higher productivity and improved quality parameters.


Most of the Liquid Hot Metal produced through reduction of the Iron Ore in Blast Furnace, using coke as a reductant, fluxes and energy, is transferred to the SMS for production of Special Steel. Any surplus is cast in moulds leading to production of solidified pieces of Pig Iron having weight of around 8-10 Kg.


With its defined and closely controlled specification and the absence of metallic impurities, pig Iron is a reliable and consistent charge material for both electric steelmaking and ferrous castings production.


Pig Iron comprises three main types: BASIC PIG IRON, used mainly in electric arc steelmaking, FOUNDRY PIG IRON used in mainly in the manufacture of grey iron castings in cupola furnaces, and NODULAR PIG IRON (SG GRADE) used in the manufacture of ductile iron castings.


Sponge Iron


VISA Steel is operating 2 x 500 TPD Direct Reduced Iron Rotary Kilns for production of 300,000 TPA Sponge Iron at Kalinganagar Industrial Complex, Odisha, using the proven German SL/RN technology provided by Outotec Oyj (formerly Lurgi Metallurgie Gmbh).


Sponge Iron, also known as Direct Reduced Iron is produced from Hematite Iron ore (5 to 20 mm size) / Iron Oxide pellets (6 to 18 mm size) by removing the oxygen by direct reduction process using non coking coal as the fuel and reducing agent in Rotary Kiln. Sponge iron is rich in Metallic Iron (Pure Iron) with consistent chemical & physical characteristics. This provides steel makers flexibility in preparing their furnace charge to produce finer quality steels than what is possible using steel scrap only. DRI produced at this plant is transferred to Special Steel Plant and also sold to other customers.


Advantages of VISA Steel's Sponge Iron / DRI:


  • High Fe Content and high degree of metallisation.
  • Uniform and Consistent quality.
  • Lower Sulphur & Phosphorus content.
  • Negligible tramp elements.
  • Minimum dust generation during handling.
  • Good flow ability in bins and conveyors for continuous and trouble free charging.
  • Superior Technical Support to Furnace operators.