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Emerge as a low cost & efficient producer of value added steel products with captive coal, mineral resources and power




Integrate across value chain with captive mines and power
  • Secure mining leases for key raw materials - iron ore,
    coal, chrome ore and coking coal
  • Build captive power plants
  • Select best of technology plant, machinery & equipment with long-term competitiveness
Leadership in business segment through market share
  • Understand steel market, identify products with demand growth and set market share goals
  • Develop strong sales and distribution network with corporate branding
Maximise shareholder value by Market Cap and ROCE
  • Ensure capital allocation for growth to generate better ROCE and market cap than industry peers
  • Create assets at competitive capital costs and operate efficiently
Build partnerships with customers and suppliers
  • Be preferred supplier through competitive pricing and high standards of quality and service
  • Build and sustain long-term relationships with strategic customers and suppliers
  • Recruit effectively
Family of capable, motivated and happy employees
  • Train and develop people continually
  • Provide safe and clean working environment
  • Develop sense of organisational ownership and teamwork